Thanks Cannabis, my daily lifesaver!

Thanks Cannabis, my daily lifesaver!

Vielen Dank an alle Sponsoren, die die Erforschung und Behandlung mit Cannabis als Medizin unterstützen. Erfolgreich habe ich mein Training für die Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2020 gestartet.

Many thanks to all Sponsors which support the research and treatment with medical Cannabis! I‘m successfully started my training for the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2020.

Link: Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2020

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour

Day 3: Emmersdorf – Vienna. Distance: 132km
It is the final day of the bike tour and this is the home run … all the way to Vienna. Leaving Emmersdorf we ride along the river passing the vineyards that this part of the region is famous for. Despite the aches and pains, expectations are high and spirits are even higher… This tour began with the weather of nightmares, and finishes with the weather of dreams! Perfect cycling conditions today.

Quelle: Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, 2017