Public letter to the German government on the failed Cannabis as medicine law and regulation of cannabis products in 2020

Public letter to the German government on the failed Cannabis as medicine law and regulation of cannabis products in 2020

Dear Mrs Merkel (MdB,, 

Dear Mr Spahn (MdB,

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Dear Mr Movassat (MdB,

in recent years, numerous politicians have been contacted to draw attention to the fact that many pain patients still do not have access to cannabis as a medicine. We were able to improve some things with it. But it is not enough, so today I address them on the public road because it affects a large number of people in our country. In 2015 I received an exemption for the use of cannabis as medicine from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. To date, there have been no negative experiences with the authorities. We as a family are very grateful for this. Today, in 2020, pain patients who have been shown to benefit from cannabis as a medicine to help them live a pain bearable life still have to sue for reimbursement by health insurance companies in court. This fact is unacceptable. Even I am affected by this problem again and have had to repeatedly file suit in court for five years against the health insurance company for the assumption of costs and therapeutic sovereignty of my doctors. On my side is the Federal Ministry of Health for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (exemption for the use of cannabis as medicine), two-panel physicians for internal medicine, one specialist for neurology, and one specialist for cannabis as medicine. On the other hand, there are health insurance companies and the medical service of the health insurance companies, who put the economy before humanity.   

Through educational work on the topic of cannabis as a medicine, a large number of pain patients from Germany have turned to me, who are struggling with the same problems. Contrary to the federal government’s information, too many doctors are not yet willing to treat cannabis as a medicine. All health insurance companies refuse to cover the costs of the majority of pain patients. We are not an “individual case”, but several thousand pain patients! If you have any doubts about this, please let us know and we will be happy to visit you in Berlin as a group so that everyone can tell you about their suffering? Pain patients who are helped by cannabis as a medicine will no longer be suppressed by the repression of the federal government or the arbitrariness of health insurance companies. Cannabis as a medicine law has failed! It is high time to implement improvements now.   

My recommendations are to employ patient representatives and people from the cannabis industry in their political team to objectively bring about an accelerated improvement of the situation. Someone the pain patients and entrepreneurs trust, because the federal government has lost this and must first earn it back. As entrepreneurs and spokespersons of some hemp companies, we demand a clear regulation for the trade and sale of hemp products with and without CBD, on the recommendation of the WHO and measured against the international markets and the state of the art. We need studies to research the hemp plant in Germany. Internationally, we have mutated into a developing country in researching the more than 50,000 possible uses of the hemp plant. To put Germany back on the right track, these hemp products must be regulated to allow clinical trials and to create evidence.  

There is no logic in exposing entrepreneurs and customers to repression because of cannabis products because the federal government has failed to establish a clear regulation in line with today’s standards. I am happy to recommend experts and companies from Germany on the subject of cannabis as medicine and cannabis products. So I thank them for their attention and recommend me. Dear readers, we ask you to copy, sign and send this public letter to the above-mentioned recipients. Continue to distribute virally in social media and messengers so that we can find timely solutions together.   

All living beings except man know that the main purpose of life is to enjoy it. Author Samuel Butler (1904 -1986)  

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 Rüdiger Klos-Neumann

Family man, pain patient, entrepreneur, 

Senior Cannabis Consultant 

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